Monday, December 27, 2010

cityville games online tutorials

OK guys so if you’ve ever played sims city you’ll be somewhat familiar with this game, now the first thing you have to do is to build houses for your city, houses make the population of your city go up, all you have to do is to click on your dashboard or menu on the right bottom corner of the screen (Build button) and click on a house, next place it next to the street and you should see a house being built, just click on it twice (one to start building it and the second time to move people in).
* Adding neighbors to your city is also very useful as they can send free energy, gifts and many useful things, it is EXTREMELY important to add as many friends as you can, neighbors are key in this game, by visiting them you’ll get coins, reputation and energy!, so the more the better, neighbors can also do your chores, so even if you run out of energy or you crops are ready and grown your neighbors can harvest them and do the job for you, this way you don’t waste any energy and they get coins, reputation and energy so they’ll be eager to Help You!
* Now the thing with crops and business is that they need each other, business or stores however you’d like to call it make money for you but in order for that to happen you have to supply them with goods so you have to plant crops.
* At first you’ll only be able to plant 2 kinds of crops strawberries and carrots, I’d recommend planting strawberries while you play and plant carrots when you go to sleep, why?, because strawberries take 8 minutes to grow while carrots take 8 hours, however carrots give you 70 crates of products while strawberries give you 15.
* Each house or store you build in city ville will give you experience and coins, you’ll also receive payments every hour.
* By harvesting your Crops you’ll receive food, coins and experience.
* Remember that you will have to build stores and business and that you will have to supply them!, so grow crops to satisfy their needs.
* Another City Ville tip is to send trains to your neighbor cities, this way you’ll receive gifts and useful stuff.
* Build Community buildings so you can keep on building houses in city ville, Community buildings make the population limit higher.
* Place decorations next to your buildings so you make even more money!, decorations increase the money or products you get by a specific %.
* City Ville Guide and Tips!.
* When you visit a neighbor you can help him recollect his payments, you can also send tourist buses which will help him and you, this way you’ll build reputation and level up!.
* On City Ville you’ll gain levels by planting and harvesting crops, building stores and community buildings then eventually you’ll unlock new stuff.
* Once you unblock piers, don’t hesitate and start building ships!, this is the best way of getting goods, note that every pier you build will include 1 free ship however each pier has a limit of ships it can hold.
* When you ask for batteries or when you are being asked to gift them, don’t hesitate, gifting batteries does not affect your energy and batteries can stock up!, so the more neighbors you have on City Ville the better!, i can’t really stress how important neighbors are, but you’ll need them allot in this game!.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Game - Game CityVille Finally Released

CALIFORNIA - Today the social game maker, Zynga officially launched the newest gaming products namely CityVille.

CityVille is one of the games for the Pend
CityVille is the latest game Zynga is predicted to be successful like Zynga games before, such as Farmville and FrontireVille. This game will be launched globally and was first performed by Zynga. The game is available in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Similarly, as quoted by Mashable, Friday (03/12/2010).

                  The game is basically like a game 'SimCity' combined with 'Farmville'. How to play the game is to build a thriving metropolis and the user will act as mayor. Users playing this game by building houses, shopping centers, expand roads, and can exchange with friends up in a neighboring town in the game.

Game CityVille more social than the products of the Zynga game before. In CityVille use some amount of tasks, which means users can build buildings and hire a city council employee, or to plant crops such as in games Farmville.

CityVille friends also allow users to business franchises in other cities. The main purpose Zynga launch this game it was clear that following the success of the game Farmville. Lack of CityVille, according to analysts, too requires great concentration and interaction. In contrast to the kinds of social games mostly a relaxed and easy to play.